Jack N Ur Stereo

by Brad Moss

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released 05 August 2010

All Music Written, Arranged, and Performed by Brad Moss.
Produced and Engineered by the 1st Kind.
Recorded Upstairs.



all rights reserved


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Brad Moss Richmond, Virginia

Playing life one riff at a time.

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Track Name: Jack N Ur Stereo
I know that it's always better with two,
but you never let me do it with you.
It feels so good when I'm alone,
though I'm blue
'Cause you never let me do it with you.

And I'm uptight, awake late every night
Touching my body all over,
cause I can't get right!
(get right!)

Oh oh, put my Jack N Ur Stereo!

I imagine just the way it feels,
only if I could make it real.
Why can't we make a deal,
cause I would love to make it real.
Track Name: Loneliness
There once was a painter
painting a lonely portrait -
a portrait of a couple but it was just me without you.

He tried to sell it, but I wasn't buying,
cause without you in the frame sweet thing,
what am I supposed to do?

And, all the colors in the world couldn't paint my loneliness,
so I told him to throw it away and not to waste his breath.

There once was a swimmer
swimming in an ocean
driving herself to make the grade
'cause she knew who she worked for.

She worked for a big man,
on the other side of the ocean.
She didn't mind being lonely,
cause she was headed for another shore.

And all the water all around washed away all her tears.
She tried her best not the drown, and not to give in to her fears.
Track Name: Road Head
Baby I gotta drive,
you make me feel like I'm alive.
Baby, don't turn my wheel,
you don't know how it makes me feel.

Road Head!

Baby, did I mention that I
can't pay attention?
Baby, I missed my turn,
the way you make my flame burn.
Baby, don't do that here -
don't you know I've gotta steer?
Baby, we're gonna die -
but I don't care!

Road Head!
Track Name: Oh Oh Oh Oh
Excuse me, dear
I just wanted to say
if you're feeling up to it
maybe we could play.

I'll make it worth your time,
even give you some head.
So, why don't you follow me
back to my bed?

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

Come on lady,
there's no reason for fright.
Just know that in my house,
I don't have any light.
But we can get on the second floor,
bend you over the windowsill.
It'll make up for the fact
that I ain't pay my bill.

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

I know what I said, well maybe I lied
and after all of that you still think you can confide
in me, but in reality, I'm just a ride
I'm just your stallion,
I won't be by your side when
shit hits the fan, as it often does
Girl, it's not your mind, it's your body that I love.
The way that you get wet and how you fit me like a glove.
The way you pull my hair the harder that I shove myself -
inside of you is where I long to be.
I'll make you come so hard that you can't see,
temporarily, just living for the moment
Just throw pebbles at my window when you want me on it
On it, and on it, and on it, and on it.
I'll make you want it so bad you'll want me to own it,
but just give it up cause you're not really mine.
I'm just here to borrow you from time to time.
Track Name: Yes!
We're in the park,
it's after dark,
I want you to be undressed -
'cause your body,
it seems to me,
to be something that's been blessed.

I wanna touch you,
I wanna rub you,
I don't want you to feel stressed.

So just relax,
girl lay on back,
I want you to say yes!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

Girl don't be fussy,
yeah you can trust me,
when I say I'm a good time.
Plus you're so gorgeous,
I just want more us,
because you make my sun shine.
My moon glows,
I'll soon show,
the true colors in this heart of me -
but first girl,
I gotta show you
the very best part of me.
Track Name: Circuits
I can't comprehend
why my life is so malicious.
Every day's so wet
my circuits ache.

I try to show love,
I try to show affection,
but the electricity throbs
and my circuits ache.

The only thing I feel
is my circuits ache.
Ever time I try to feel,
my circuits...

Why does the program overload?
I don't seem to function.
My metal fingers shake,
and my circuits ache.

Whenever I'm touched,
I seem to short.
As long as I'm awake,
my circuits ache.

The only thing I feel,
is my circuits ache.

Every time I try to feel,
my circuits...
Track Name: Eye Wonder
Tougher than bullets
is the love eternal,
but does it only exist,
in the pages of my jounal.

Is God always with me,
or does he sometimes sleep?
Is there a point
to the pages that I keep?

Do you love me really,
or is all a facade?
Do you go by other names,
or should I really call you God?

When I pray at night,
do you really understand?
Women give all life on Earth,
so can you really be a man?

Eye wonder,
cause I just can't know.
Eye wonder,
is it all for show?
Eye wonder,
in space & time,
Eye wonder,
can we live life sublime?

More serious than heart attacks,
I pray every night
that every little thing will turn out alright.

Does God really care,
or does it only seem that way,
and after we die, will there really be a price to pay?
Can we pay it in gold,
or will a dollar do?
Cause I don't think the money I have will be enough for you.

I really try, honest I do,
is that enough to be with you?

Eye wonder.